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Message from the Project Directors

Kathryn Hassell, MD & Janet Thomas, MD


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February 2017


Dear friends and colleagues,


While we may not be sports experts, we do know that many of you were likely watching the Superbowl last evening. Whether rooting for your favorite team or enjoying commercials and an epic halftime, we hope it gave everyone a chance to unwind. For those of you less into sports, the weather outside was lovely in many parts of our region. 


Upcoming MSGRC Annual Meeting
As our Annual Meeting, April 20-22, 2017 draws near, please be checking your inboxes for information on registration, travel, and agenda. Registration will be open by mid-February. As our five-year cycle draws to a close, we plan to use the time to review successes in our region and nationally, as well as foster some of the new relationships that MSGRC has developed in the last year. The open sessions should be informative and educational. We hope to see many of you there and encourage members to reach out to colleagues that may be interested in attending.

Regional and National Activities
  • ACMG is coming up quickly, March 21-25, in Phoenix, Arizona. We're exciting to be sending two consumers, Tracy Keller and Susan Owens, to the Consumer Leaders Program. Also, MSGRC will be in the platform presentations session on March 24, "Telegenetics: A Case Study in Effectiveness."
  • The Mountain States Regional Health Equity Council will be holding a webinar on February 17 on working together with tribal communities and their governments. Registration can be completed here.
  • Don't forget that ACHDNC is this Thursday, February 9. Please follow the links to the agenda and registration.
Victories On and Off the Field
We expect yesterday was a celebratory day for the Patriots fans among us. For all of us though, the cycle for MSGRC has been a victory, as we plant the seeds for the future of genetics though several successful projects and activities. We're excited to hear your thoughts and gather your input on the agenda, which will be out soon. We're excited to see many of you at ACMG and the MSGRC Annual Meetings.

Warm regards,

 Kathryn Hassell, M.D.              Janet Thomas, M.D.
 Project Director                      Associate Project Director
MSGRC staff contact information: 
Kathryn Hassell, Project Director   
Janet Thomas, Associate Project Director
Marilyn Brown, Project Manager -303-477-1976  
Liza Creel, Evaluator       
Joyce Hooker, Director of Social Outreach
Kristi Wees, Social Media Coordinator 
Celia Kaye, MSGRC Consultant                
THI staff contact information:
Camille Miller, Project Administrator 
Sherry Wilkie-Conway, Project Oversight
Stephanie Ondrias, Events Manager
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