MSGRC Events

National Coordinating Center Events

Scheduled for 2017

Regional and National Events

Feb 2017

Feb 9

ACHNC Meeting (Webinar)

Feb 26-28

16th Annual Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Meeting(Atlanta, GA)

March 2017

March 4-7
March 9-10
March 21-25

Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs Annual Meeting (Kansas City, MO)
Genetic Alliance 30th Anniversary Meeting (Bethesda, MD)
ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting (Bethesda, MD)

April 2017

April 6-7
April 20-22
April 23-25

NEGC Annual Meeting (Portsmouth, NH)
MSGRC Annual Meeting (Salt Lake City, UT)
American Telemedicine Association Annual Meeting (Orlando, FL)

May 2017

May 11-12

ACHDNC Meeting (Washington, DC)

July 2017

July 20-22

SERC Annual Meeting (Ashville, NC)

August 2017

Aug 3-4

ACHDNC Meeting (Washington, DC)

September 2017


Sept 10-13
Sept 13-16
Sept 16-19

APHL Newborn Screening and Genetic Testing Symposium (New Orlean, LA)
National Society of Genetic Counselors Annual Meeting (Columbus, OH)
American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference (Chicago, IL)

October 2017

Oct 17-21

American Society of Human Genetics 2017 Meeting (Orlando, FL)

November 2017


Nov 4-8
Nov 5-8
Nov 8-9

American Public Health Association (Atlanta, GA)
Association of University Centers on Disabilities (Washington, DC)
ACHDNC Meeting (Washington, DC/Webinar)

Past MSGRC Events

July 12-14, 2011
Feb. 24-26 2012
March 17-19, 2013
July 11-13, 2013
Feb 6-8, 2014
April 23-25, 2015
April 14-16, 2016
April 20-22,2017

Annual Meeting~ Denver, CO
Mid-year Workgroup Meetings~ Phoenix, AZ
MSGRC Annual Meeting– Phoenix, AZ
MSGRC 2013-2014 Annual Meeting, Denver, CO
MSGRC 2014 Annual Meeting, Phoenix, AZ
MSGRC 2015 Annual Meeting, Phoenix, AZ
MSGRC 2016 Annual Meeting, Phoenix, AZ
MSGRC 2017 Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT