Learn About Genetic Services

Impact of Medical Genetics

Genetics has been transformed from a research oriented academic field dealing with a few rare diseases into an increasing useful and accessible medical specialty. Genetically determined disorders account for a major portion of health care services.

Referrals for a Genetic Consultation

After evaluation and diagnosis, genetics center personnel can provide advice about laboratory tests, family support groups, sources of subspecialty care, and the availability of education, community, social service, and financial resources.

Genetic Evaluation/Genetic Counseling

A list of classical indications for genetics referrals is listed.

What to Expect from a Genetics Consultation

Genetic counseling is a communication process which deals with the human problems associated with the occurrence, or the risk of occurrence, of a genetic disorder in a family.

Important Questions To Ask Your Health Insurance Provider
Important questions to ask of your health insurance provider when having a counseling session, physical examination to diagnosis a genetic condition, carrier screening, prenatal diagnosis, or genetic laboratory testing.
Questions You May Have For Your Genetic Specialist

A checklist of key questions to consider asking when meeting with a genetic specialist. Spanish Version - 'Preguntas Para Su Especialista de la Genética'

The MSGF Directory provides a reference of resources available in our six-state region for the diagnosis and management of genetic disorders.